Alkmaar, The Netherlands


With many years of wellsite experience Whowood Consultancy can offer you skilled directional drilling supervision services.

Joined Eastman Whipstock in 1983 as a directional surveyor and operated all types of survey instruments, including the computer based gyrosystems. Went into directional drilling in 1985 and gained experience in traditional directional drilling, with mudmotors and casing whipstocks, using Single Shot Orientation, Steering Tool or MWD.
As a directional drilling supervisor performed many jobs in Holland and Germany, on- and offshore, using conventional rotary techniques and steerable systems as they became more commonly used. Drilled all possible well profiles from single- and multi-well structures, various types of sidetracks and long- and medium radius horizontal trajectories. Trained and coached many new directional engineers, and as senior engineer taking care of coordination, administration and communication. 

Holding a BSc in mechanical engineering and energy technology, any drilling problem is approached in a scientific way.

For any information please contact Hans Wiebosch